The municipality of Teningen has about 11,500 inhabitants and is situated in the south-western part of Baden-Wurttemberg. Administratively Teningen belongs to the county of Emmendingen. The surface of Teningen has 4,027 ha and reaches from the foothills of the Black Forest to the Kaiserstuhl. Teningen is approximately about 16 kilometres in the north of Freiburg and one of the most important industrial municipalities of the county. Therefore, in the regional plan of Teningen the municipality is listed as industrial and commercial site. In total there are about 1,000 commercial and trading companies as well as workshops having approximately 4,500 employees contributing to social security. The traffic connection is very good since Teningen has an own junction to the highway A 5 from Karlsruhe to Basel. Furthermore, Teningen is on the railway from Francfort to Basel. A part of about 36 percent of the district is forested. The nice situation between the Black Forest and the Kaiserstuhl, the many possibilities for excursions, the short distance to Freiburg, the excellent infrastructure as well as the traffic connection give answers to the question why Teningen is very popular as residence.

Heimatmuseum Menton (local history museum)

The building in the Kirchstraße 2, in the centre of Teningen, is called according to the recent owner. It is a well preserved estate having an above-average surface being built in the second half of the 18th century. The residentel house (dated 1781) as well as the barn, stable, garage for vehicles and storage for tabacoo (dated 1819), washery and bakery (dated 1695) and hemp beater (dated 1790) are surrounded by an unbuilt area with orchards and a creek. The permanent exhibition explains the local social and industrial history by showing documentations about the old village craft.

Opening hours: 1. Sunday of the month from 14.00 - 17.00 (March to November)

After prior arrangement particular guided tours as well as tours for groups are possible. Kindly call: +49 7641 58 06 36, fax +49 7641 58 06-80.

Events: Herbstmarkt (market in autumn), customs evenings, special exhibitions as well as projects corresponding to the season and projects for children and youngsters.

Public swimming pool and bathing lakes

Public swimming pool and bathing lakes
The municipality of Teningen has a large public swimming pool with a competition pool, with a swimmer and non-swimmer pool which is partly coverred, a giant slide of 70 metres and a jump tower.

Normally the main season is from May to September.

Thanks to the vast sunbathing area, the playground for kids, the children’s pool and the many other leisure facilities, the public swimming pool of Teningen is one of the most beautiful and most famous in the whole county.

Opening hours:
9:00 - 20:00h (19h ticket office closing time, 19:30h end of swimming time)
May - September

Besides, the municipality of Teningen has three attractive bathing lakes:

Bathing lake of Teningen (Freizeitsee Teningen): Before the access (No. 60) to the highway A 5 you have to turn right into direction of Bahlingen and then it is directly at the crossing.

Bathing lake of Nimburg (Freizeitsee Nimburg): Pass the highway bridge to access No. 60, turn at the first crossing right and immediately right again.

Bathing lake of Köndringen (Freizeitsee Köndringen): Access via Elzstraße (bridge on the sports field), continue the asphalt agricultural access road.
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