Merdingen is located on the western slope of the Tuniberg. Not only are hikers attracted by the view to the Kaiserstuhl and the Rhine valley. Art and culture, wine and active associations determine the living in the village.

Supposedly, it was already the Celts appreciating the mild climate and the fertile soil in Merdingen as well. The first traces of settlements come from a Roman estate and are dated from the 1st century A.C. In the north of the village there are rests of Roman baths dated into the same time.
We are assuming that Merdingen was established by the Alemanni in the 5th or 6th century. In the 12th century the village was mentioned in a document for the first time.
Due to its exposed position between Freiburg and Breisach the village was plundered several times in course of military campaigns. Despite of these destructions there were an active business life in the village and many artisans lived there. The construction of the church of Saint Remigius was in 1738. To this day this church has been representing a jewellery of the Late-Baroque era and the symbol of the village.
Merdingen has been able to keep its village-structure in spite of the growing population and the changes of the last decades. Come and visit a village full of tradition in culture and viticulture.

Church of Saint Remigius

The Late-Baroque church of Saint Remigius was built by the famous master builder Johann Caspar Bagnato on behalf of the Deutschorden-Kommende Freiburg. The following known persons were responsible for the decoration of the church: Francesco Pozzi (stuccos), Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer (altar and chancel) and Franz Joseph Spiegler (frescos and altarpieces). In a corner you can find the more than-life-size sculpture of Immaculata made by Johann Christian Wentzinger who had relatives in Merdingen. The church was often renovated in correspondence to the spirit of the respective time. Today you can admire the church in its original condition after an extensive renovation.

Roman wellness on the Tuniberg

Roman wellness on the Tuniberg
In Merdingen you can see traces of a Roman estate dated the 1st century A.C. The baths had all features and achievements of the former Roman civilisation. There was a cold water tub as well as a hot water tub. The baths were heated with the usual Roman floor heating.
The remains of that baths were discovered before the Second World War. Between 1977 and 1978 the location had been exactly examined and they found the baths. To protect the archaeological dig a roof was set up in 1980. You can reach the baths by bike or on foot from Merdingen. On the way you can stay for a while on the Bettelbrünnle (a small fountain).
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