Gottenheim is nestled alongside the north-eastern edge of the Tuniberg. The landscape is marked by the loess soil. Therefore, wine and fruit are growing very well thanks to the fertile land. Really particular is the high-lying asparagus growing there as well as the ancient vineyard of Gottenheim with its narrow passes and slopes being covered with rare plants.

The municipality of Gottenheim has a traffic-favourable situation between Freiburg and Breisach am Rhein and it represents the only municipality on the Tuniberg having a connection to the rail network. You can say that Gottenheim is an important connecting station for the local public transport. The Breisgau S-Bahn and the Kaiserstuhlbahn are meeting here; thus, the passenger has plenty of possibilities to change trains going into all directions.

In 1086 Gottenheim had been mentioned in a document for the first time. In the Second World War the church tower and 10 houses were destroyed in a bomb attack.
Gemeinde Gottenheim

Hauptstr. 2579288 Gottenheim

Karin Bruder

Gemeinde Gottenheim,79288 Gottenheim,Hauptstr. 25