Gate to the Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl

Bötzingen also called “Gate to the Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl” represents one of the oldest winegrowing villages in Baden. Elevations such as the “Vogelsang” offer a wonderful panoramic view over the Breisgau region, the towers of Freiburg and the mountains of the southern Black Forest. Following the different existing educational trails (e.g. forest adventure trail, adventure trail in the Schambach valley, Brunnenpfad, a trail with many water fountains) you will learn many interesting facts in the course of a tour.

In Bötzingen tourists and guests shall feel good. If you search for a suitable accommodation, you can choose between hotels, guest houses and holiday apartments having an informal atmosphere. Numerous hosts would like to pamper you with their products which are mainly local delicacies.

After having enjoyed these tasty delicacies you can satisfy your guilty conscience by moving on nice cycling or trekking paths, Nordic Walking courses or by swimming in the modern public swimming pool (which has large sunbathing areas, a miniature gold course, tennis courts, boules area and bowling alleys).

Chapel of Saint Alban – an art-historical jewel

The Chapel of Saint Alban was being built from 1473 to 1481 as pest chapel. Inside of the chapel you can admire valuable fresco from the period of its edification. Between 1962 and 1965 the fresco were discovered. Not only can be seen the fresco, but an impressing larger-than-life-size wooden crucifix the so-called pest crucifix, too. The body of the crucifix has real hair.
The chapel is open on Sundays and public holidays. For visits kindly call the Hunn family living in the Bergstr. 87 (phone: +49/7663/6864).

Local circular trails

The Weinlehrpfad (educational wine path) gives information about Bötzingen, the flora and fauna of the Kaiserstuhl and the viticulture, of course (walking time about 2.5 hours). Brunnenpfad: By walking on this trail you realize how important water is for our lives. Along the course there are 12 water fountains and many tourist attractions. Distance: from the train station of Bötzingen 7 km. Following the “Walderlebnispfad” (forest adventure trail) the perspective of an ant wants to explain you the importance of the forest for the environment and its inhabitants. It has a lenght of about 2 km. The Schambachtal-Erlebnispfad (experience trail in the valley of Schambach) is a circular trail of 1.7 km and suitable for strollers. For children and adults the trail offers interesting projects and information about the nature in the Schambach valley.

Public swimming pool in Bötzingen

With more than 1,800 hours of sunshine the Kaiserstuhl is one of Germany’s warmest and sunniest regions. Therefore, a visit in the recently renovated public swimming pool of Bötzingen is worthwhile. Enjoy yourself in the pool and have a lot fun with the many things offered. The vast sunbathing area and shady trees invite you to relax.
Not only will you find a great bathing pleasure, but many sportive activities such as table tennis, miniature golf, a soccer and beach volleyball field, too. For the little water lovers there is an infant’s area with children’s pool and corresponding equipment.

Museum showing classical and modern cars

In Bötzingen the museum of D. Großblotekamp and D. Hörmann, located in the Gottenheimer Str. 16, shows classical as well as modern cars. From April to October it is open on Sundays from 14:00 h to 16:30 h and after prior registration by phone: +49/171-5318264. The entrance is free.
The exhibition includes historical cars and motorbikes from the 1920s to the mordern time. You can admire a Tatra and a Praga which were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 from 1952. This car is called according to the name of the former German chancellor „Adenauer“. Furthermore, you can see a Porsche 911 from 1973, the popular Jaguar Mk II from 1967 and many other things like enamel and metal signs, photos of classical cars, radios, music boxes of the 1950s and 1960s. Besides, the hall can be booked for small parties, too. For more information, kindly get in contact with Mr. Dieter Großblotekamp by phone: +49/171/5318264.

Worth-seeing buildings

The mansion next to the former mill was built in 1578 and 1771. Mr. Enderlin was member of the council and his residence is historically important. It was even the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who stayed here and tasted from the local wine.

In front of the Catholic Church you can find a fountain which was supposedly built in the 8th century and which is on the crossroads between two streets (Hauptstraße and Sieglestraße).

The gabled house (Staffelgiebelhaus) at the corner of two streets (Bergstraße/Kirchweg) is worthwhile seeing, too. Due to the levels integrated in the gable, the house got its name. It had been built in 1605 and was rebuilt several times.

In 1990 the municipality had acquired the so-called Oberschaffhausener Dorfplatz (village square) and extended it while keeping the barn. Today the renovated barn is used as storage place for former agricultural utensils.
Gemeinde Bötzingen

Hauptstr. 1179268 Bötzingen


Gemeinde Bötzingen,79268 Bötzingen,Hauptstr. 11