Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl

Beautiful half-timbered houses and winegrowers’ estates dominate the landscape

Bahlingen, an old winegrowing village at the north-eastern edge of the Kaiserstuhl, has approximately 4,000 inhabitants.

It is located in a wonderful landscape and has still kept the character of a typical winegrowing village in the Kaiserstuhl region. Beautiful half-timbered houses and winegrowers’ estates being situated between vineyards, forests and farmland, dominate the landscape.

One of the oldest churches of the Kaiserstuhl was built on the top of a hill. The town hall which can be seen in the centre of Bahlingen, is a half-timbered house, too, and was built in the Renaissance in 1550.
There you can have a look at the “Hoselips”, a 250 years old figure, representing the viticulture of Bahlingen. This figure gave the famous traditional village festival its name: the “Hoselipsfest”. In an odd year this festival takes always place on the second weekend of September. During the festival all guests and tourists are pampered with regional delicacies in the streets and in the decorated yards by the local clubs. Far away from the everyday noise and hectic of large cities you can enjoy and taste the delicacies of the famous Baden cuisine as well as noble wine.

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