The holiday destination Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg

It is a region of volcanic origin and at the same time it is one of the warmest and sunniest regions of Germany.

The landscape is characterized by mixed woodland, terraced vineyards, vast natural reserves, many fruit trees and a unique fauna and flora. In spring time thousands of colourful blossoms cover and decorate the landscape. In the meadows and embankments of the sunny Kaiserstuhl region rare animals like the European bee-eater and the praying mantis as well as exotic orchids can be found.

In the west the river Rhine forms the natural border to France. Travelling to the south you will reach Switzerland that is only 60 kilometres away. The following municipalities belong to Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl: Bahlingen, Bötzingen, Breisach, Eichstetten, Endingen, Gottenheim, March, Merdingen, Ihringen, Riegel, Sasbach, Teningen-Nimburg and Vogtsburg.

KONUS guest card

Thanks to this card visitors of the Black Forest region are allowed to use all public transport free of cost. These are the participating municipalities in the Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg region: Bahlingen, Bötzingen, Breisach, Eichstetten, Endingen, Gottenheim, Ihringen, Sasbach and Vogtsburg. Every overnight tourist gets the KONUS card from his/her host and can use it as ticket in the whole area of application (for more information kindly look at: While getting on the bus or train, you have only to present your KONUS card; then you and your companions go free of cost in the Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg region and the whole Black Forest as well.

For more information about the municipalities taking part in this system and the local transportation as well as for information about the additional services of the KONUS guest card, kindly look here.

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Barrier-free travelling

Thomas Senf, a publisher from Neuenburg, wrote a special guide for handicapped visitors/tourists in the Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg region. For this guide he was assisted by Christoph Sacherer who is a wheelchair user himself. Mr. Sacherer had collected all relevant information in a very detailed way and to the best of his knowledge. Thanks to the plane bike paths the Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg region is perfect for wheelchairs, handcycles and minitrucks.

Furthermore, the guidebook gives information about hotels, guesthouses, private rooms, holiday apartments, toilets, parking lots, doctors, wine-growing estates, winegrowers’ cooperatives, cultural events, shops and so on. This paperback represents an invitation for handicapped persons to come to the Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg region where they can enjoy their barrier-free holiday.

This special guidebook is available in all tourist information offices of Kaiserstuhl and at TS-Verlag Neuenburg (phone: +497631-73766, fax: +497631-73619, E-mail:  Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg Barrierefrei Reisen in der Region price: EUR 6.00 (including VAT).