Adventure tours with children

Observe, discover, experience!

Visiting the Kaiserstuhl region patience and a sharp eye are required, because in this region you can see the legendary praying mantis, green lizards or rare butterflies. Furthermore, you can find birds like hoopoes, bee-eaters, orioles and mysterious owls. Little geologists learn more about the geological history of the Earth by breaking stones. Discover together with your children our nature and go for a walk on great jungle trails, cross through woods and butterfly meadows or go paddling in the Rheinauen (riverside forest) of the Upper Rhine.

During a day trip to Alsace, the Black Forest or to Switzerland zoos, wild life parks as well as different parks with monkeys and butterflies or a facility specialised in releasing programmes for animals, can be discovered. For further information, kindly get in contact with our tourist information offices.
(trail with many water fountains)
By walking on this trail you realize how important water is for our lives. Along the course there are 12 water fountains and many tourist attractions. Distance: from
the train station of Bötzingen 7 km.
(adventure trail)
For children and adults there is a great deal of interesting things informing about the particular nature in the Schambachtal. Distance: from Bötzingen’s train station 1.7 km.
(forest adventure trail)
Go and explore the forest (Erlenschachenwald) together with the ant Fridolin and use up your energy in the forest playground! There is a picnic area, too. Distance: from the forest playground 2 km.
Endingen, Erleloch The mysterious path is 100 m long and leads through the hill Brüstleberg to southeast.
(trail with many fruit trees)
This trail deals with information about fruit, fruit trees, birds and insects. The path is flat and approx. 2 km long.
Ihringen, Wendelin-
(Wendelin’s trail)
Wendelin is a hoopoe and his trail gives much information about wine. The paths are not prepared and similar to a jungle. Distance: from Schlichtengasse, 3 km.
(Hertha’s trail)
Hertha is a bumblebee and she shows you a bicycle path through some orchards. On the tour you can solve lots of exciting puzzles. Distance: from the end of Wasenweiler 1.5 km.
Ihringen, Vulkanfelsgarten
(volcanic garden)
Wall lizards’ path – best time for discovering: in the morning and shortly before sunset.
Limberg, Vogtsburg-
Oberbergen and
further municipalities
Search for volcanic stones or minerals on the Limberg or in the quarry Badloch by using a hammer and an eye protection, if necessary.
Nimburg, Nimberg Night of the barn owls at the church on the Nimberg: Listen to the snarling and observe some owls. Do not forget to take a torch with you!
(Visit a quarry!)
Quarry next to Niederrotweil (open from August to December): impressing “hole”, accessible grot on the right hand side; take your hammer and an eye protection, if necessary.
(castle hill and quarry)
Quarry located on the castle hill of Achkarren, accessible on foot via a forest path. Take your hammer and an eye protection, if necessary.
(loess hollow trail)
A circular path connecting impressing loess hollow paths. Sturdy footwear is recommended. Distance: from the winegrowers’ cooperative in Bickensohl 7 km.
(trail about green lizards)
This trail wants to inform you about the most important local lizard species; unprepared paths and some parts are fairly steep. Distance: from the parking area of the elementary school in Oberbergen 2.5 km.
different municipalities Loess hollow pathes resembling a jungle (Eichgasse Bickensohl, Dulltal- or Lenzenberggasse Ihringen).