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The Vinyard areas of Oberrotweil The Oberrotweil vinyards are situated on the well known hills of Käsleberg (about 230 hectares), Henkenberg (about 100 hectares), and Eichberg (about 70 hectares). Käsleberg provides the largest of the Oberrotweil vineyard area. The soil types, loess and loam, serve the production of fresh and fruity full bodied wine. The vines, planted in this area are mainly Müller-Thurgau, Ruländer / Grauer Burgunder, Silvaner, Weißer Burgunder and Spätburgunder. The oldest vinyard mentioned as early as the 14th century is the Henkenberg. The soil was formed by the weathering of volcanic rock (Tephrit) and provides the requirements for fine growth of Ruländer and Spätburgunder Red Wine which originate here. Eichberg has an unusual soil type mixture. About 40% of the area is covered with Tephrit and the remaining 60% is pure loess. The Tephrit area produces excellent red wines and Gewürztraminer. The majority of the loess areas is planted with Silvaner vines. All the work involved from the harvest to the bottling and storage of finished product is in our hands. Only the grape produce of members are processed. The purchase of anybody else grapes or wine is strictly prohibited by the rules governing to co-operative. All wines are separated for both, storage and ageing, according to variety, area, quality level and of course vintage. Our cellars contain about 700,000 litres in wooden cask capacity which is very important when wine is to be probably matured. This capacity is used in particular for the Burgundy family (Spätburgunder Red Wine, Spätburgunder Weißherbst and Ruländer) which all spend a suitable time ‘in the wood’ Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil - The co-operative in brief Oberrotweil, a small wine growing village, is situated in the south western part of the Kaiserstuhl, the area with the highest average annual temperature in Baden and in Germany. Vulcanic rock and loess terraces provide the production of fine wines. The romans recognized this two thousand years ago. Generations of vintners and cellar masters have devoted their lives to the wine for hundreds of years to produce the conditions for the highest quality. Oberrotweil has a total of 400 hectares of vineyards. Of this total 90% (420 hectares) belongs to the members of the local co-operative (Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil, KWO).

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all year round from Monday to Friday 8.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.30, Saturday 8.30 - 12.30, April - June and September - October Sunday 10.00 - 17.00. Cellar tours April - October every Wednesday 14.00.


Biggest wooden barrel in Baden, culinary wine walk every third Sunday in June, spring and fall festival.
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Kaiserstühler Winzerverein OberrotweilBahnhofstraße 3179235 Vogtsburg-Oberrotweil